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The Constitution of the United States of America, that bright beacon of Freedom, has come under attack by the internationalist elite from its inception. A flawed document was drafted to effectively hijack America's Executive, Judicial, and Legislative branches.

This they accomplished long ago, when the constitution was being first drafted by agents posing as founding fathers,thus ensuring that legally (not lawfully) the powers to control the nation lay with the globalist elite, not the People. Only a new Constitution ratified by the People will ensure our Freedom. Here is the story.

We must always remember that without Freedom there is no America, and without America there is no Free World. We cannot allow the secretive forces of corporate globalists to suppress the inalienable rights of a free world.

Our role is to inform, to disseminate the truth, and most importantly to let the elite know that We Know.

His fatal mistake was to tell the truth

Warnings of an Impending Socialist Makeover

This site is a repository of articles, lectures, books and videos that provide irrefutable evidence that 9/11 was an inside job, and that plans had been unfolding for some time to transform America into a fascist state. On a more positive note, there are also videos that point to a future of free energy. What is there to fight over if water can replace oil? Connect the dots and the message is quite clear: 1) America is under attack from within; and, 2) the world is about to be set free.

Foretold in
The Project For The New American Century, 9/11 was that catastrophic and catalytic event, the New Pearl Harbor, which would:

a) provide the rationale for military interventions in Afghanistan, Iraq, and possibly Iran

b) sabotage the Constitution and usher in a fascist state

c) bring America in lock step with the Illuminati's vision of a New World Order. (Isn't it ironic that on September 11th, 1991 George H. W. Bush announced to the world the emergence of the New World Order? Ten years later, to the day, we had 9/11)

A New Free World can only come about with a New Free America, and that requires the rescission of all Executive Orders, Acts, and edicts which have robbed the American people of their rights and liberties guaranteed to them by their Constitution. The rescuing of the American Constitution is the most sacred enterprise of our time.

Fearmongering, deception, and tyranny have bankrupted this great nation. It is time to demand answers of those who would hide the truth! It is time to free Congress and the Executive from the grasp of the internationalist elite.

It is time to ask those politicians running for the highest office in the land this question: "Will you order a new 9/11 investigation?" If the answer is ambivalent, or
no, then our answer to them should be: "We don't want you, we don't need you! Thank you very much. We want someone who will stop the charade. We the People don't want more of the same! We the People demand answers to 9/11. We the People want our Freedom back!"

Furthermore, given that the Federal Reserve Act was created unlawfully, without the consent of the People, and given that the 16th Amendment was never ratified, then all contracts effectuated as a result of these unlawful acts should be deemed null and void. And, in effect, the international bankers controlling the Federal Reserve should make restitution to the People. For a primer on what being FREE really means view the videos below.

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